The coroner’s inquest into the death of our friend and colleague Mr Rob Cranston on Friday 27th July 2018, concluded on 30th November 2020 and the conclusion of the coroner, together with the jury, was that of accidental death with a narrative.

During the course of the Inquest the HSE’s inspector leading the investigation into the events of 27th July 2018, Mrs Frances Bailey, was asked a number of questions by the area coroner, Mrs Blake. She was asked about any potential role Rob or Owen Cranston (Rob’s son employed by Pruce Newman and working with him at the time of the accident) and Pruce Newman Pipework Limited may have had in the failings that led to Rob’s tragic death.

Mrs Bailey made very clear in her evidence that Rob and Owen did everything that you would expect of responsible contractors working safely and properly planning their work. She further confirmed in her evidence to the area coroner that a thorough investigation was completed into Pruce Newman Pipework Limited and that no blame or contributory blame for the tragedy that led to Rob’s death was attributable to Pruce Newman Pipework Limited. She commented that Rob Cranston “was a well-qualified, competent, and experienced welder, there were no doubts in my mind that he was competent. We [the HSE] interviewed many Pruce Newman staff – they too behaved competently and diligently in their task”.

As a company we have refrained from commenting on the detail of this case due to the need for the legal process to take place and we will continue to do so pending the conclusion of the HSE case.

We continue to seek to support Rob’s family where possible and the company and its employees sincerely miss Rob every day.