Following Rob Cranston’s tragic accident on 27th July 2018, we have been trying to find a fitting memorial to our friend and colleague. Rob’s love of sport has been a key theme in people’s memories of him, and it seems fitting to pay tribute to Rob by holding our own sporting event every summer. Just recently we held our very first Cranston Cup with a company-wide 5-a-side football tournament on the 17th July 2019.

Eight teams in total competed in the event, with each team donating to our 2019/2020 charity of the year, Nelson’s Journey. The final was contended by Owen Cranston’s “The Cranston Cobras” and Lewis Cranston’s “Spicy Rum Pirates”, with the Spicy Rum Pirates ending up victorious and lifting the Inaugural Cranston Cup for 2019. A plate final was also played out to win an eight-pint pitcher of beer. This was won by the Pruce Newman office team “Bayer Neverlusen”.

Thank you to everybody that participated in the very first Cranston Cup in memory of our friend and colleague Rob Cranston.