Several of Pruce Newman client sites have remained operational throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with more due to reopen in the coming weeks. Pruce Newman have put in place a number of measures that have been successfully implemented over the last few weeks. Those that have been able to work from home have done so to support site-based operations.

Operational sites have all had a COVID-19 audit carried out by a Senior Manager to ensure that employees are aware of stringent hygiene measures, what the COVID-19 symptoms are, when to self-isolate and for how long, amongst checking that other COVID-19 measures are in place.

The workforce have daily communication from the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager to update on any government/NHS information, with tips on dealing with lockdown measures paying particular attention to mental health.

We have also been keeping in regular contact with the workforce via Microsoft Teams video conferencing.

There are a number of social distancing rules implemented, which are constantly monitored for effectiveness.

  • Before interacting with someone in the workplace, ask yourself if a face to face conversation is completely necessary. Can you communicate with them via mobile phone, text message or email where permitted? If it is necessary to communicate face to face, ensure that 2m separation distance is maintained.
  • If you need to speak to someone face to face, do not turn up unannounced. If it is completely necessary to speak to someone face to face, let them know before meeting in an office or mess area etc. They may need to rearrange seating arrangements or make some reasonable adjustments to ensure that the 2m separation distance is maintained.
  • Planning meetings – if meetings are completely necessary, can this be done using video conferencing by using Microsoft Teams, this can also be downloaded on iPhones from the Apple store.
  • Receiving deliveries/exchanging documents – minimise social contact by agreeing a drop off point to exchange documents/equipment/materials where necessary. Make sure any drop off point is secure.
  • Canteen/mess areas – ensure that social distancing is maintained during break periods, minimise the amount of people in one place so the 2m rule can be applied. Rearrange seating areas, block off seats that are next to each other, stagger breaks or make arrangements for breaks to be undertaken in separate areas.
  • If you are struggling to maintain 2m separation – if this is challenging, leave the area away from other people and rethink your approach. If this cannot be done safely raise it with your line manager so a specific social distancing risk assessment can be carried out.
  • Thorough and frequent washing of hands and surfaces – ensure that strict hygiene measures are always adhered to, ensure that hands are washed throughout the day frequently and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Ensure that surfaces, tools, equipment, and any areas frequently touched by hands such as door handles are cleaned frequently throughout the day.
  • Ensure that car sharing is avoided where possible.