Pruce Newman – Planning for the worst and hoping for the best – it’s the Pruce Newman way

In light of the rapidly changing government advices with regard to the Corona Virus (I’ll stick with that description as that is what we have all come to know Covid 19 as!) over the last 10 days, Pruce Newman have implemented a range of policies and procedures in order to try and maintain “business as usual” to the best of its abilities in the current very difficult circumstances.

We have introduced policies to avoid social contact, in order to minimise the spread of the virus, to protect each other, our clients and to generally protect the vulnerable in society as best as possible. This includes, with immediate effect, the company avoiding all non-necessary face to face meetings and asking that staff try to avoid direct or close contact wherever possible.

We have reminded staff of the most recent government advice regarding self-isolation and have let them know how to notify the business and how they will be paid, should they fall ill or need to self-isolate.

In addition, we have reminded all staff that they should also be following government guidance with regards to regular and thorough handwashing, using soap and water for 20 seconds and avoiding the touching of their face.

We have also reminded all staff that general good hygiene is especially important at this time, and that communal facilities, such as canteens and toilets, are kept as hygienic as possible as the responsibility we all have for ourselves, our colleagues, clients and all our extended family and friends.

We have asked that all salaried staff try to stay away from the office/their office and work from home, if it is possible for them to do so, with immediate effect, but expect that project management/engineering staff try to do this whilst also supporting the site staff as best they can.

With regards to site staff, it is obvious that working from home is not an option for them and so we have suggested that site teams are divided into small work groups that stay separated from each other as best they can. These groups should stagger meal and break times to avoid the congregation of larger groups and perhaps avoid large communal areas such as client site canteens etc. Where possible PN group meetings (morning briefings/toolbox talks etc) will take place in the open air and in as small a group as possible.

We have reminded all staff that in general, we should all try and maintain personal spacings of 2.0m where possible and avoid direct contact.

When project management/engineering staff visit client sites, we have suggested that they should try to limit their contact to PN’s Senior Operative only, and preferably away from any communal canteen etc. Similarly, we have suggested that they and the PN site staff limit contact with client’s staff, to the very minimum necessary and avoid any unnecessary group meetings etc. Perhaps our clients can assist us with this by ensuring that group meetings are avoided altogether or substituted by phone conferences or skype meetings and the like.

We have appointed our HS&E Manager Mr Gavin Graham our Corona Virus “Czar”, through whom all communications concerning Corona Virus and evolving client/site communications should pass, so that we have a central focal point through which ideas and policies can be communicated to/from the workforce and Senior Management of the business. So, if our staff or clients, have any new policies or procedures about Corona Virus, or have any ideas on how we can improve our management of the evolving situation, please pass these through Gavin.

In general, you should all be made aware that Pruce Newman is in a sound position from which to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and their livelihoods and to continue to deliver the services required by our clients. Our order book is filling up for the summer and beyond and so it is vital for us all in the long term, that those of us who are fit to work, will continue to give our best wherever possible, as we always have done, and try to cover for our colleagues who might be off. 

This along with our sound financial footing should ensure that we are in the best shape we can be, should the Corona Virus escalate to the point where large numbers of the workforce and our clients, are affected by the virus, to continue to be a viable and successful business.

We will endeavour to keep staff, suppliers and clients abreast of policy and procedure changes as best we can, by regular communication and hope that you bear with us in this fast-changing environment.

Please keep well and think of your colleagues, family and friends with regards to hygiene and contact and follow the government advices which we know are changing rapidly.


Graham Newman, Managing Director